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You perfect people’s sight; we perfect the technology that supports you

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Practice Management

Multiple configurations and add-ons allow you to shape the PMS to meet the needs of your optical business. Options include workflows, scheduler, examinations, SMS reminders, business intelligence, and more.

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Recall & Marketing

Flexible patient reminder system, maximizing potential reoccurring patient revenue. Proven to be even more effective with the inclusion of SMS and eScheduler.

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Sales and Inventory

Product management for stocked and non-stocked products including validated dispensing for prescription lenses and contact lenses; reducing your workload, and eliminating human error.

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A secure electronic health record system, enabling the eye doctor to complete a paperless clinical journey; from pre-screening to handover, with complete audit trail and HIPAA compliancy.

A black outline of a pair of contact lenses.

Contact Lens

An updated supplier contact lens catalog. Integrated with validated dispensing for Direct Debit auto-supply, as well as in-store purchases. Proven to add value by specialist contact lens practitioners.

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Equipment Integrations

Ocuco holds the largest portfolio of integrations with ophthalmic instruments across the industry including a multitude of imaging and diagnostic devices such as Phoropters, OCT’s and Fundus Cameras.

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Securely capture, store and process images from imaging equipment and link it directly to Acuitas. Store all images centrally meeting legal requirements.

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Rapid appointment searching and scheduling, multiple configurable views, and online appointment booking capabilities fully integrated with recall reminders.

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Reports & Analytics

Accurate reports and business metrics taken straight from recorded data to measure and define sales, visits, KPI’s, stock, examinations, benefits, to support informed decision making.

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Group visibility and control of all practice functions including product from a central practice for a complete view of your business across multiple locations.

“No hesitation at all in recommending Ocuco and Acuitas to my friends and colleagues.”

David Burghardt, Owner, David Burghardt Vision Care

What it means for your business

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Your practice is unique. Acuitas is modular and grows with your needs. Within each 'flavour' there are hundreds of configurations to ensure your Practice Management Software (PMS) is tailored to your business.

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Acuitas users spend far less time on administration and, therefore, can field more appointments and spend increased time with their patients.

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With a secure, encrypted, database with access and visibility of data based on user login and all transactions logged in audit trail, Acuitas is the safest place for your patient data.

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