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Benefits for Global Chains

Enable an omnichannel experience for your patients, reduce inefficiencies and increase revenue generation across your organization

Trusted Industry Partner
Trusted Industry Partner

Ocuco has a track record of successful software delivery to large optical chains in multiple countries gained over the past 20 years. Ocuco’s solutions conform with multiple security and quality standards including HIPAA and ISO.

Expertise in the Sector
Expertise in the Sector

Ocuco's products are developed by optical technology specialists who are solely focused on delivering scalable software solutions to the global eyecare industry.

Global Reach
Global Reach

Ocuco supports over 6,750 sites across 88 countries in multiple languages. Ocuco leverages its global position to anticipate local industry needs.

Products & Services

Ocuco's solutions are designed to support your business at every step of the eyecare journey

Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition

Generate and Increase Revenue Online

Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition integrates both in-store and online touchpoints to offer a seamless eyecare experience across multiple channels.

Customize Acuitas 3 to Meet the Specific Needs of Your Business

Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition is highly configurable and where your needs stretch beyond its limits development services are available to afford you full flexibility to tie in with your unique business needs.

Deliver Stability and Security to Your Eyecare Business

Acuitas 3 follows a ‘secure by design’ development paradigm. This modern software is designed to minimise the chances of a security breach using the latest techniques, ensuring your organization's data has never been so secure.


Control Every Aspect of Your lab

A user-friendly LMS that consolidates all business processes and automates optical lab production.

Adjust our LMS to Your lab's Needs

Innovations is modular, allowing each lab to select the required modules to accommodate production and enable growth.

Make Decisions Based on Real-Time Data

Intuitive dashboards provide live personnel and equipment stats for efficient management.

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