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Centralize management, automate processes and boost production in your optical lab with Innovations

A black outline of a computer screen. On the left of the screen is a pie chart, with writing on the left.
Workflow Monitor

Analyze in real-time personnel and equipment performance. Empower leadership decisions based on data.

A black outline of a calendar.
Production Scheduler

Reduce call center time spent updating eyecare professionals (ECPs) by providing them with an accurate estimation of job completion.

A black outline of three circles lined diagonally. The circles are connected by two right angled lines.
Freeform Integrations

Link seamlessly with all major freeform lens design software (LDS) providers. Innovations integrates with LDS suppliers such as IOT, Essilor, Zeiss, Seiko, Hoya, Shamir and many others. Manufacturers' lens data comes preloaded on Innovations and are updated monthly with new designs.

A black outline of a dotted graph. The dots are ascending from left to right.
Advanced Reporting

Use hundreds of preloaded customizable report templates covering all aspects of lab management.

Black outline of 5 boxes stacked on top of each other in the shape of a pyramid. A magnifying glass is on the right and focuses on the second row of boxes.
Job Staging

Keep track of all 'parts' of a job when outsourced or waiting for frame to come, streamlining frame and lens matching process.

A black cylinder that is stacked with three rows. This icon represents a database.
Master Lens Database

Access the world's most comprehensive lens database, with over 3.5 million SKUs updated monthly.

A black outline of two connected links.
Lablink and Electronic Ordering

ECPs submit orders remotely and view job status at the lab with the Web-based Lablink ordering module.

A black outline of a cash register.
Pricing and Accounts Receivable

Automatically create invoices based on general or customer specific price lists for lenses, frames and miscellaneous items.

A black outline of a clipboard. On the page is a list with ticks lined on the right.
Inventory Management

Manage inventory, tracking stock usage, back-order and vendor data. Automatically generate purchase orders.

Black outline of two gears.
Rules Engine

Create rules using jobs' data to influence any aspect of production.

A black outline of a two sockets connecting
Equipment Integrations

Integrate with all Optical Manufacturers Association (OMA) compliant equipment, including edging, blocking, tracing and surfacing machines.

A black outline of a computer screen. On the screen are the following math symbols: a plus sign, a subtraction sign, a multiplication sigh, and a division sign.
Surfacing Calculations and Machine Links

Industry-leading lens calculation engine. Unlimited connections with lab manufacturing equipment.

A black outline of a box with two boxes below it. The boxes are all connected by lines.
Software Integrations

Innovations integrates with Practice Management Systems (PMS), such as Acuitas, and offers bi-directional connectivity with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

A black outline of an envelope.

Integrate shipping label creation and carrier service for faster shipments and track real-time deliveries.

A black outline of a printer.
Form Printing

Customize worktickets, invoices, statements, labels and all printed materials.

“Innovations flexibility allows us to configure parameters by ourselves, reflecting evolving processes easily as the business grows.”

Mr. Sarath Teganjanavanich, Vice President of Business Planning, Thai Optical Group (TOG)

What it Means for Your Optical lab

Centralize Processes
Centralize Processes

Integrate all aspects of lab management into a single system, with Innovations' modular and customizable functionality.

Automate Production
Automate Production

Boost your optical lab's automated processes up to 95%* using our production path algorithm and integrations.

Live Performance Dashboards
Live Performance Dashboards

View your lab's data in real-time to review performance, reduce breakages and optimize workflow.

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*Source: Thai Optical Group