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Why Ocuco

Image of a woman behind the palms of her hands, her expression is of wonder and delight as she plays with data sets magically appearing before her.

Unimaginable advances in technology have given us greater clarity, connectivity, and control than we ever dreamed possible. Patients no longer engage using a single channel: access is now expected across many different channels. We are constantly reconsidering, restructuring and re-engineering our portfolio to meet this ongoing demand.

Image of an older well-dressed lady with white-blonde hair behind a slit-lamp.
Industry Expertise

Ocuco is not just a technology company, it is an eyecare technology company. We have dedicated more than 29 years as an organization gathering the specialized knowledge it takes to create the digital infrastructure on which optical independents, chains, and labs thrive.

Image of man with glasses sitting in front of three computer screens with coding on them.
Engineering Excellence

Pioneers in software engineering in the eyecare space, we harness cutting-edge technology to build the digital framework for the future of eyecare. We practice Agile engineering methodologies to maximize team performance and guarantee customer satisfaction. This allows us to react to market
dynamics quickly.

Image of a stack of arms with clenched fists piled one on top of the other.

This is a healthcare industry of specialists, who know that degrees of detail matter, quality of care is essential, and trust is crucial. We are dedicated to enabling the eyecare industry to do what it does best; perfect people’s sight, while we remain committed to perfecting the technology.

What Type of Business are you?

Outline of an eye with an optical practice in the center.


Business owner, optometrist, optician or technician? Ensure your eyecare store provides the ultimate patient experience by browsing our proven digital solutions.

Outline of an eye with multiple optical practices in the center and an interconnecting line to tie them together.


Part of an expansive eyecare retail organization? Discover the all-in-one solution that will empower your business to offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

Icon of an outline of an eye with a pair of glasses and a drill in the center.


Lab owner or technician? Whether your lab processes tens or thousands of lens orders daily, our software solutions will adapt to your business and facilitate growth.


Making an Impact in the Eyecare Industry



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