Zenni Optical

How Zenni Optical used Innovations LMS to scale to beyond 5,000 orders per day.

Julia Zhen – Founder & CEO

We met up with Julia Zhen from Zenni Optical and asked her what she thinks about Innovations.

Ocuco has been a trusted partner of Zenni Optical. Following a smooth implementation of the Innovations LMS in 2014, we have continued to receive excellent technical support from the Ocuco team. As a result, we are happy to recommend Ocuco and the Innovations LMS to industry peers.


Founded in 2003, Zenni Optical are now an online optical industry leader. Zenni operates a full-service Rx lab, including freeform surfacing and edging, in China. Every day Zenni sends out over 10,000 pairs of prescription eyeglasses to more than eighty countries around the world.


In 2014, Zenni Optical wanted to move away from multiple bespoke point solutions in the Rx lab, which were a cause of production inflexibility, increased labour cost, limited management control and business risk. These factors caused a bottleneck in the Rx labs ability to reliably scale above 5,000 orders per day.


Zenni Optical implemented the Innovations LMS and now have a central system capable of managing all manufacturing related processes, while being able to easily access all data on one central database. Alongside the software system, Zenni have access to a team of optical lab experts with over 600 years of combined optical lab manufacturing experience. This has allowed Zenni to seamlessly scale beyond 5,000 jobs per day and lay the foundation for continued business expansion and success.

Key Results

  • Seamlessly scaled beyond 5,000 orders per day
  • Reduced lab software solutions to one experienced supplier
  • Massive reduction in potential points of failure and reliance on internal IT development
  • All OMA compatible equipment on one system
  • RX lab tailored inventory control, operator productivity tracking and a real-time manufacturing feedback system
  • Established bi-directional ERP integration
  • All data on one easily accessible database enhancing visibility significantly
  • Implemented within 6 months

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