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What it Means for Your Practice


Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition is ISO-certified and GDPR and DPA compliant ensuring all data remains secure. An in-depth audit trail ensures high visibility and transparency throughout.

Patient Care

Patients can choose from a wider range of options when interacting with your business e.g. in-store eye exam, remote consultation, or online purchasing.


Retain a single view of practice performance and processes in real-time for informed decision-making and centralised processes.


As a cloud-based platform, Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere, adapting to the needs of your business as you continue to grow.


Improve productivity and transparency through automation of processes throughout your practice.


As an omnichannel solution, Acuitas 3 allows you to excel, ensuring your business is best placed to meet patient needs and generate revenue at each stage of the eyecare journey.

“No hesitation at all in recommending Acuitas to my friends and colleagues.”

David Burghardt, Owner, David Burghardt Vision Care



While you’re perfecting sight, we’re perfecting the technology that supports you


Seamlessly unite in-store and online appointment bookings in a single, centralised platform.

Clinical Records

Secure patient records powered by intuitive patient search and data validation.

NHS Vouchers

Complete management of GOS forms and payment reconciliation.


Integrated card payments for online and in-store sales, eliminating errors and facilitating refunds.

Eye Exams

Configurable workflows with tailored options based on a patients visit type.

Recall & Marketing

Automated recalls and extensive marketing capabilities across multiple channels.


Intuitive validated dispensing for reduced remakes and an elevated patient journey.

Power BI Reporting & Analytics

Customisable KPI tracking through dashboards complete with drill-down capabilities.

Stock Management

Real-time management of inventory across the business, enhancing accuracy and cost efficiency.


Synced product catalogues across online and in practice sales for a streamlined purchase experience.


Effortlessly integrate telecommunication appointments into your schedule within Acuitas 3.

Omnichannel Patient Overview

A single view of the patient, including interactions across all channels, online or in practice.

Omnichannel Business Overview

Centralised view of business activity across online and in-store from revenue to stock and beyond.


Integration with clinical equipment, enabling retrieval of multiple readings within  a single click. 

Support Hub

Localised technical support alongside Ocuco Academy online training resources at your fingertips.