SMS Patient Surveys

SMS Patient Surveys

A Real Measure for Success

Honest feedback informing decisions and improving customer retention
Increase Customer Retention and Influence Buying Habits

Research conducted for the Harvard Business Review found that subjects surveyed by a business they had recently used were three times more likely to make subsequent purchases and half as likely to defect to a competitor as those not surveyed.

The Most Effective Patient Correspondence

Recent studies have demonstrated that 98% of all SMS messages are read and actioned by recipients within 90 seconds of being received. This high response rate, combined with the fact that internet usage on mobile devices has overtaken computers (with people spending nearly twice as much time on their smartphones), guarantees the highest possible response rate from patients.

Ready to Use

Built into Acuitas, the Patient Survey Module is activated by the SMS Add-on. The module interface allows users to configure messages, schedule delivery to patients based on their visit type, and collate the feedback returned by said patients.

Following the parameters set by the practice, SMS messages are automatically sent to patients upon completing a visit to said practice. The SMS includes a link to a simple web page with a quick response and comment option, providing an easy channel for patients to return feedback.

The SMS Survey Module gathers and monitors this invaluable information on the services and products supplied to patients, and the collated ratings help practices make informed decisions and plan effectively moving forward.

Making the most of a Results

Ratings and comments collected on the website are delivered to the user’s Acuitas database, and the feedback can be accessed through the Survey Results Module.

Comments are saved with the rating and can shed light on why a product or service may receive a constant score. Favourable comments can also be used for testimonials for the practice’s website, social media, or sales promotions (influencer marketing being one of the most effective ways to increase conversions).

A major advantage of conducting surveys through this module is that customers are far more honest when completing surveys online. Face-to-face customer surveys are significantly less candid, and telephone interviews are the least likely medium to provide authentic feedback.

SMS survey module