Acuitas Imaging Subscription

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Ensuring secure and faithful image records, with the tools you need to deliver the best optical care.

The imaging add-on, also available as a stand-alone application, integrates with your PMS to store fundus and anterior camera images with patient records. Captured images, from linked cameras, automatically transfer to the corresponding module for each patient record; there is no need to maintain a separate archive of images. All major camera vendors including Nidek, Canon, Zeiss and Topcon are compatible, and the following image formats are supported: BMP, JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PSD and RAW. The Imaging add-on can take webcam captures directly from the patient summary screen; copy & paste images directly from the Windows clipboard, and for an additional fee link OCT machines to import stills, and scanners to allow printed photographs, field charts and documents (such as referral letters) to be imported.

Saved images can be compared against one another to provide an overview of ophthalmic progression along a patient’s visit timeline. All images are maintained in their original resolution, and any changes applied by users are recorded on a duplicate to maintain the integrity of original images. Among a myriad of features within the add-on, these duplicates can be manipulated through zoom, rotate and flipping functions; have multiple filters applied including a bump map to highlight blood vessels, colour inversion to expose hidden details, and red channel for anaglyphic stereo pairing; and images can be enhanced, cropped and exported.