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"With the system’s flexibility, we could configure parameters by ourselves to make it reflect evolving processes as the business grows. The most versatile feature in Innovations - which we believe differentiates it from other systems - is the Rules Engine. We have been trained to adjust these settings by ourselves. This allows us to work creatively and experiment. It delivers flexibility to our customers and efficiency in how we operate."



TOG provides edging, mounting, special coating, prototyping and casting production for B2B customers, including independent retailers, retail chains, wholesalers and lens manufacturers. TOG runs more than 6,000 jobs a day and ships products to over 50 countries worldwide.


In 2019, TOG was looking to update and improve its lab manufacturing process and replace its existing LMS and lens calculation software. The company goal was to implement a solid and scalable LMS, which would adapt to its diverse lens portfolio, enhance processes and allow production growth in the medium to long term.

"In 2021, the goal is to reach 10,000 or 12,000 jobs per day. The Ocuco team assured us that scalability was not an issue, as some of the world’s largest labs that use Innovations had proven that."


Ocuco’s team completed the Innovations configuration and installation for TOG within six months without disrupting ongoing production. TOG implemented Innovations and now has an LMS capable of supporting their plans for production growth. Additionally, Innovations allows TOG to access detailed production reports, increase automation and create rules using job data to influence any production aspect.

Case Study 

How Innovations increased lab automation for Thai Optical Group

Download TOG Case Study

Download the Thai Optical Group Case Study

Key Results

  • Increase in automated processes
  • Enhanced tracking transparency
  • Detailed reports
  • Expanded versatility
  • Scalability
  • Impact on the productivity control levels and the smaller semi-finished blanks, resulting in cost reduction
  • Simple communication and monitoring of logged tickets
  • Implemented within six months

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