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Keep Track of Your Customer Satisfaction with Ocuco's New Patient SMS Survey Model
29 March 2017

Keep Track of Your Customer Satisfaction with Ocuco's New Patient SMS Survey Model

Share patient testimonials to attract more business. Measure, set goals and monitor results to motivate staff to provide patients with the best service.

Customer surveys are everywhere these days, eye care industry too, and with good reason. Knowing your patients better and hearing their views on your services and products will allow your practice to grow and excel in customer care. Meaningful data gathered in an efficient manner to create effective business strategies is key.

Ocuco has enhanced the Acuitas and Focus 2 PMS with a new SMS Survey module. A short two click survey sent directly to mobiles allows patients to rate their experience. Survey SMS are configurable and once set up can be automated to trigger on various stages of the patient’s interactions with the practice.

The SMS Survey module provides management with clear visibility of the customer’s experiences where results are graphically displayed, and optional comments are easily reviewed. Analysis provides a deeper understanding of trends and allows management to focus their efforts exactly where improvements are needed, rather than relying on speculation.

“Our users wanted to reach out to customers and ask them their opinions so they could share the good news and focus on the gaps. Without customer feedback, you don’t have the data to inform your business and marketing decisions.” – Fergus Murphy, Ocuco Sales Manager.