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David Burghardt

David Burghardt Vision Care have been providing expert eye-care, using the latest diagnostic technology, to the Lincolnshire community for the past 3 decades. David’s practice has worked closely with Ocuco for the past 10 years, providing invaluable feedback, and technical assessments, and often the first to adopt new Acuitas features and add-ons. David Burghardt Vision Care were double award winners at the 2015 Opticians Awards; placing first for the Contact Lens for Life Award and the Software Practice of the Year Award.

We met up with David Burghardt at Optrafair 2015 where he described working with Acuitas and the Ocuco team.

"Things have got better and simpler for staff and they've taken it all in their stride, it's been absolutely great."

“We’ve been working with Ocuco and OptiCommerce to link our website and our practice management system together; because we believe that the whole world is going online. And this gives our patients great benefits, they can buy from us whenever they want, we don’t have to be there from 9 ’til 5, we’re there 24 hours a day; so they can go online, they can book appointments, through Acuitas 24 hours a day. They can also purchase spectacles from us, they can browse our frame catalogues at their leisure, they can go on there at 12 O’clock at night and have a look at our frames, they can purchase contact lenses, solutions; the whole range of our services they can get online any time of the day.

We won the ‘software practice of the year’ award, we also won the ‘contact lenses for life’ teams’ award.

We’ve been working with Ocuco over the past few years to bring forward some changes to the contact lens module, and the changes that we see now have been absolutely great. Much more flexibility in the way we can do things, much better for our practice staff, and much better for patients and the way that practitioners work. It’s been evolution rather than revolution, so things have just got better and better, and simpler for staff and they’ve taken it all in their stride, it’s been absolutely great.

We’ve been using Acuitas on the iPad as a remote application, so we use that in practice, but we also use it remotely if I’m not in the practice the team can contact me; I can look things up, I can have a look at images, we have OCP connected to patient records where I can look at OCP images / slit lamp images. So I can be in touch with the practice, again, 24 hours a day; I can be in contact with the practice and give patients advice. Without access to the computer, as long as there’s WiFi or 4G/3G then, you know, I can be in contact.

Be in touch with the practice 24 hours a day.

I always recommend working with Ocuco to a friend or a colleague, they’ve been really great. Myself and a few colleagues have worked to bring Acuitas to be even better than it always was and no hesitation at all in recommending Ocuco and Acuitas to my friends and colleagues.”

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