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Ocuco Software Electronic Claims Feature Accredited by the NHS
16 March 2013

Ocuco Software Electronic Claims Feature Accredited by the NHS

Ocuco have announced the release of the improved eGOS Management module which directly benefits the optical practice by enabling quicker receipt of payment and greatly reducing administration.

The eGOS Management module integrates with Acuitas patient records and its Benefits Tracking Module. Acuitas submits the forms to the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups allowing visibility within 15 minutes of its rejection or approval. The automatic processing of an uploaded response file from the claiming authority into the Benefits Tracking Module ensures claims are not dropped, and the easy display of rejection codes helps management through to payment.

Paper forms must still be submitted, however Acuitas offers a built-in “compliance” dashboard, which allows tracking of paper forms, whether they have been submitted for each claim, ensuring that payments are not delayed due to paperwork or administration.

A complete history of each claim, its approval or rejection and its payment, is maintained for easy review. Ocuco applications are accredited for all GOS forms and a large number of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups now accept electronic submission. Any optician wishing to enquire whether their local CCG is among those participating can contact Ocuco.