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Banner image for Ocuco's Seiko Freeform Challenge to Proceed
08 July 2013

Ocuco's Seiko Freeform Challenge to Proceed

The president of Ocuco Inc., Robert Shanbaum, reports that Ocucos request for an examination of Seikos USA Patent US6019470 has been granted. Mr Shanbaum stated: This is the first hurdle we had to pass in our effort to get Seikos patent cancelled. Re-examinations typically taking more than 20 months.

Mr Shanbaum continued: Were encouraged by this action, however, most requests for re-examination are granted. Historically, 22% of such re-examination proceedings result in all of the challenged patents claims being confirmed, but only 12% result in all claims being cancelled. In most cases, the patents claims are changed so as to avoid the questions raised in the re-examination request. Adding, We hope to end up in the 12%.