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Ocuco Appoints Clodagh Nic Canna as Chief Product Officer
12 September 2022

Ocuco Appoints Clodagh Nic Canna as Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer (CPO) for Ocuco, Clodagh will be responsible for creating and realizing Ocuco’s product vision. Already a crucial part of Ocuco’s Corporate Management Team, Clodagh has been leading the Product Development Department for the past 12 years. This new role adds a new dimension to Clodagh’s responsibilities as she continues to deliver value to Ocuco’s customers globally. 

“Ocuco is moving away from being engineering-led to a product-led organization in line with the launch of our revolutionary cloud-based omnichannel native product. Therefore, it became critical to ensure Ocuco’s product vision had dedicated executive-level oversight for visibility and to provide a clear strategy across the entire portfolio of products. I am delighted to appoint Clodagh. She has dedicated years to growing Ocuco’s Product Management Department and implemented advanced agile practices and processes that have enabled continuous software innovation. I am excited to see her execute her vision as we enter this exciting time, the launch of our next generation product and the convergence of all existing products to Acuitas 3 OmniChannel”, Leo Mac Canna, Chief Executive Office, Ocuco.

Clodagh, BSc., MSc., began her career in Credit Suisse, First Boston as a Developer. Clodagh’s natural ability to lead came to the fore, and she advanced rapidly through the ranks to become the Vice President of a Development Team of 30. Before joining Ocuco, Clodagh was the Business Manager of Project and Program Practice Management for Perot Systems (formerly OSL), advancing and implementing PMOs and ITIL best practices for ESB, Airtricity and AIB.

“I am thrilled to be appointed to the role of CPO in Ocuco at this exciting time for the company. Over the last number of years, we have seen unimaginable technological advances and growth in our Product Development Team. This has allowed us to develop and deliver innovations to the eyecare sector. Our team now includes 200 eyecare software experts located throughout the globe and it is my pleasure to lead such a diverse, dedicated, high-performance unit. With our expertise in understanding what our eyecare customers are seeking and our strength in delivering value, I don’t believe there is another like it in the world. I am proud to be part of this industry-leading team and I look forward to the challenge of ensuring that eyecare as a sector continues to benefit from embracing software innovation,” explains Clodagh.