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Innovations, Ocuco's Lab Management Software (LMS), has been awarded Best Optical Lab Software Verti
08 April 2021

Innovations, Ocuco's Lab Management Software (LMS), has been awarded Best Optical Lab Software Verti

Innovations, Ocuco’s Lab Management Software (LMS), has been awarded Best Optical Lab Software for 2021 by HealthCare Insights Magazine, which annually recognizes leading companies in the healthcare sector.

Innovations is Ocuco’s flagship optical lab management software. Ocuco officially entered the LMS segment in 2008 with the acquisition of Innovations. Ocuco’s CEO and founder Leo Mac Canna explains that the Innovations’ acquisition was part of a strategy to expand its footprint in the USA. “Innovations, however, turned out to be much more than a trojan horse: it is a fantastic piece of software. Additionally, the IP and the team behind Innovations have driven huge improvements in our retail offerings while becoming technology leaders in the lab business.”

Created by leading lab professionals about 30 years ago, Innovations offers customization, enables productivity and delivers real-time data analysis for optical labs. Innovations integrates every aspect of lens production into a modular, flexible and comprehensive package to support, streamline and advance businesses. Currently, Innovations is the LMS chosen by 2,700 optical labs around the globe.

Innovations evolves continuously, and it adapts to any lab configuration. Consequently, it can be installed on one PC or multiple workstations. Another unique feature in the software is the Rules Engine, which enables labs to use data to influence any aspect of production. Additionally, Innovations integrates with all OMA (Optical Manufacturers Association) compatible equipment. Innovations is scalable with no upper limit on production capacity, perfect for any expanding optical lab.

Zenni Optical emphasizes that Ocuco delivers flawless software and impeccable service. “Ocuco is a trusted partner of Zenni Optical. Following a smooth implementation of the Innovations LMS in 2014, we have continued to receive excellent technical support from the Ocuco team. As a result, we are happy to recommend Ocuco and Innovations to industry peers,” says Julia Zhen, Zenni’s Optical Founder & CEO.

Looking to the future, Ocuco believes that cloud-based systems are here to stay. Thus, the company is focusing on leveraging this technology to enhance its products further. Delineating on the company’s long-term goal, Leo adds, “Ocuco indeed will play a significant role in the eyecare industry as a pure technology company. Our long-term plans include consolidating Ocuco globally as a reference in software for the eyecare industry.”