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Author: Pat McLean

8 December 2023

A Holly Jolly Checklist to Prepare Your Optical Lab for the Holiday Break

As the holiday season approaches, it's time to prepare for a well-deserved vacation. Closing your optical lab for the holidays requires more than just turning off the lights and locking the doors. Therefore, we have listed some procedures to consider before closing the laboratory for a few days of R&R.

1. Spread the Holiday Joy with Customer Communication

Notify customers of holiday closures in advance via email, website announcements, and other communication channels your lab may use. Provide a point of contact for urgent matters during closure. 

2. Staff Communication and Planning

Get the whole team in a festive mood by communicating the closing dates internally. Ensure everyone understands their holiday game plan before and after closing.

3. Order Fulfilment

Wrap up and ship pending orders with extra care, checking delivery quality to avoid post-holiday complications. Reinforce communication about holiday closing dates to customers and establish expectations for processing orders before the holidays and after they return.

4. Inventory Assessment

Check stock levels of all raw materials, semi-finished lenses, and finished products to guarantee stock levels meet anticipated demands upon return.

5. Lab Management Software (LMS) Updates

Give your LMS a well-deserved break and close all open sessions.

6. Data Backup

Perform a comprehensive backup of critical data, including lens specifications, production records, and quality control data. Ensure backup files are stored securely.

7. Documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Review and update SOPs for manufacturing processes. Register any changes made during the pre-closure procedures for reference upon reopening. 

8. Maintenance

Schedule routine maintenance for manufacturing equipment. Clean and calibrate machines to ensure optimal performance upon resumption of operations. Also, take advantage of reduced activities to fix problems in your facilities.

9. Environmental Considerations

Save energy by turning off non-essential equipment and optimizing environmental controls without compromising the integrity of equipment and inventory.

We hope this list will help you and your staff to prepare for a smooth holiday season. Wishing you and your fabulous staff a holly, jolly holiday season! May your break be festive and your lab sparkle with success in the year ahead! 

Pat McLean, Lab Division Support Manager

Pat McLean has served as Ocuco’s Lab Division Support Manager for the past 26 years. Pat oversees the Global Support Team, ensuring quick and effective responses to queries from around the world. Under his leadership and high standards, the support team consistently attains an impressive turnaround time of 24 hours or less.

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