Ocuco Education at Optrafair 2018

Ocuco is once again proud to participate in the CET presentations at Optrafair 2018, supporting optical professionals to meet their annual CET points targets, keeping at the forefront of clinical education and optical advancements.

Saturday, April 14th 9:30-10:30 – Myopia versus Obesity: A tale of pandemic proportions by Prof. James Loughman, PhD FAOI

Ocuco’s Clinical and Research Director, Prof. James Loughman will be returning to the CET Theatre stage this year, to present his lecture – Myopia versus Obesity: A tale of pandemic proportions. Examining the widespread and rampant increase in myopia worldwide and how it compares to the widely reported health concerns surrounding obesity.

“Today, we are seeing epidemic-like increases in conditions that would not classically be termed a disease, but which increase the risks of a range of other diseases. Obesity and myopia provide a classic representation of truly modern epidemics. The aim of this presentation is to compare these two global epidemics, myopia and obesity, in terms of the epidemiological patterns, causes, effects and global public health response to both conditions.” – Prof. James Loughman

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Prof. James Loughman