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A photo of Ricardo Farinha doing a presentation to a small audience.
A photo of the Ocuco staff from an elevated point of view. All staff members are looking up at the camera smiling.

Ocuco: a History

An image of Ocuco's CEO, Leo Mac Canna, on a balcony with two men standing behind him.

Ocuco Secures Funding for Growth

Ocuco secures funding from the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) to ensure continued ongoing support through the COVID pandemic.

An image of the Corilus logo. 'CORILUS' is written in black with 'Connecting Care' written below it.

Ocuco set to Grow in the Belgian Market

Enlarges Belgian footprint by acquiring market-leading PMS Morion from Corilus to enhance PMS offering.

A photo of a white office building. In front of the building is a banner for a company called 'eye'.

Ocuco Acquires OptiCommerce and Continues Expansion in the Benelux Region

Ocuco cements its intention to develop its eCommerce and Digital Marketing offerings and continues expansion in the Benelux market with two further acquisitions.

An image of the B&F Groep logo. An outline of an owl is in the logo.

Ocuco Enters the Dutch Market

In 2016 Ocuco broadened its European footprint by entering the Dutch marketplace.

A photo of some employees from Ocuco's Nordic staff.

Ocuco Expands Into the Nordics

Ocuco enters into the Nordic PMS market with the acquisition of Optitec RS. It also begins its journey into the eCommerce sector by acquiring Acumenex, an eCommerce software solution.

An image of a city with a large body of water in front of it.

Ocuco Propelled Forward with Three Further Acquisitions

2014 was a busy year for Ocuco with three company acquisitions and the launch of Ocuco Shanghai Trading Company to support the growing demand for quality eyecare software in the Asian market

A photo of Leo Mac Canna shaking hands with another man. Both men appear to be smiling in the image.

Two Major new Customers won

Ocuco wins two major North American retail enterprise clients with the Acuitas practice management system.

A photo of a lab office with two desks, chairs and laptops.

Large Italian Eyecare Partnership won

Ocuco continues to expand its reach globally by successfully winning a tender process to install 500 eyecare stores with practice management software in Italy.

An image of the old 'Innovations' logo. 'INNOVATIONS' is written in white with 'LAB SOFTWARE' written below it with a  purple background.

Ocuco Acquires Innovations

In 2008 Ocuco entered the lab market with the acquisition of Innovations in the US, to further extend the scope of its eyecare software coverage.

A photo of the entrance to an office building. The walls are beige and above there is a sign that says 'OCUCO-INNOVATIONS' in black. The door to the entrance is black and has 'OCUCO' logo in orange in it.

Ocuco Inc. Established

Ocuco creates Ocuco Inc. to commence operations in the North American market.

An image of the Vision Express logo. 'VisionExpress' is in black and and abstract image of an eye made up of small black and purple dots is on the right.

First Major Enterprise Rollout Complete

Ocuco completes first major enterprise rollout by installing Acuitas into 200 optometry practices in the United Kingdom.

An image of the Acuitas Enterprise logo. 'ACUITAS' is written in white with 'ENTERPRISE' below it. The background is an image of a purple eye.

Ocuco Extends Product Offering

Ocuco extended its practice management system to cover the needs of enterprise customers. Acuitas is installed in some of the largest chains in the world.

An image of the previous version of the Ocuco logo. An abstract image of the outline of an eye in silver with 'OCUCO' written below it in orange.

Ocuco Established

Ocuco was established in Dublin in 1993 by our CEO, Leo Mac Canna. Ocuco pioneered systems for clinical recording to be used by independent optometrists.