Optimising every step of your Clinical Practice

Totally integrated Ophthalmology Software solutions designed to maximise clinic efficiency, enhance patient services, and support all eye care professionals.

Clinical Exams

A comprehensive set of clinical exams, from tonometry to nystagmus tests, accessible from one interface. Fully configurable, ophthalmologists can make change any test on the system, and even add their own custom examinations.


A secure depository for all findings and diagnosis records, easily referenced and including all patient management and administrative notes. Create Medical Rx templates to quickly and accurately set and record patient prescriptions.


Easily track of all patient fee payments, including those made through public benefits and private Insurance payments. Integrated claim forms reduce administrative overhead and the turnaround time for processing claim payments.


Set the order of Acuitas modules to fit your needs. Customisable workflows ensure practices optimise their clinical administrative processes, setting workflows for separate consultation types or for individual doctors and assistants.


A fully integrated diary system linked to appointment reminders and communications tools to ensure clinic patients stay informed. Easily maintain automated letter, email, and SMS templates for appointment and pre-surgery reminders.


Providing a complete overview of patient information, including all appointments, notes, referrals, and a complete history of all examinations and prescriptions. Ophthalmologists can select which details, from whichever visits, to preview and print.


An extensive array of links for OCT’s, Fundus cameras, digital slit lamps, Auto-refractors, tonometer’s, visual fields, and various other equipment, supporting every major vendor. Centralising all patient data into your secure Acuitas PMS.


Integrated with Microsoft Word, easily create professional letter templates that merge all relevant patient and referee data, to quickly reply, record and send referrals. Electronically recording all incoming referrals in the same module.


Capture, store and analyse DICOM standard Fundus, Anterior and OCT images directly in the patient record, with no archiving to external media required. Protected by an in-database master copy and a full secure audit trail to ensure no damaged or lost records.

Optimise all clinical and administrative processes