Peter Ivins Eye Care

We all live in the digital age

Peter Ivins

For the past 30 years Peter Ivins Eye Care has been operating a clinical practice, serving the communities of Bearsden and Milngavie in Glasgow, with the highest quality professional optometry. Peter Ivins founded his practice after years of study, research and lecturing to optometrists, opticians and clinical staff around the world. Peter’s practice focuses on visual health care and spending as much time as possible with patients, comprehensively explaining their visual status and advising them on their vision correction options.

We met Peter at Optrafair 2016 where he described using our new eCommerce features and his experience working with Ocuco.

We get people booking an eye test in the middle of the night!

“Well the Web-Diary is very important to us. Patients love it, they like the facility, increasingly people are doing things online, so we all live in that digital age, and we want to be able to do that so it really is important to have an ability to do that. And as I’ve said, we get people booking in the middle of the night, which still amazes me that actually people are up wanting to book an eye test, I can’t get my head around that one I’m afraid, but it does happen.

Working with Ocuco has been a long and happy relationship, in fact we were just saying yesterday the service that they’re doing, particularly using the JIRA system and the backup that they’re giving us has been exemplary, so well done whoever is working on that system because it’s working really well.”

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