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"Nippon Lens has chosen Ocuco firstly because it has a technical service center in Asia. Secondly, Innovations offers integrated functionality, not only for the production modules. In the future, should we want to expand the use of Innovations beyond manufacturing, we would use the same application instead of adding a new one."

Mr. Ting Zhang, Nippon Lens Supply Chain Operations Director



Nippon Lens was established in 1935 and was one of the first lens factories in Kishiwada, Osaka, Japan. Nippon Lens manufactures plastic and glass lenses, performing all processes, from polishing to coating in-house. Its products include single vision, progressive, multi-focal, polarized and photochromic lenses. The company runs 400 jobs a day, following rigorous quality control processes.


In 2019, Nippon Lens Industrial Company Limited was looking for a Lab Management System (LMS) to work with its newly acquired freeform equipment. The Japanese company researched Lab Management Systems (LMS) in the market and discovered that Innovations met their requirements due to its flexible modular functionality and support team based in Asia.

"I think the flexibility of the LMS is incredible. If I want to add something, I can find the functionality to support it in Innovations."


Ocuco’s team completed the Innovations installation and configuration for Nippon Lens remotely, without disrupting ongoing production. The company implemented Innovations Freeform Lens Module and IOT Lens Design Integration and now has an LMS capable of supporting its plans for production growth. Additionally, Innovations allows Nippon Lens to access detailed production reports, optimize processes and increase automation.

Case Study

A journey from conventional processing to digital lens manufacturing.

Download Nippon Lens Case Study

Download the Nippon Lens Case Study

Key Results

  • Freeform production growth
  • Increase in production quality, resulting in 93% flawless product
  • 65% reduction in the defect rate
  • Automated processes
  • Enhanced tracking transparency
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Expanded versatility
  • Scalability
  • Improved productivity control levels

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