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Andrew Rhys Evans

With nearly 100 years of combined eye care experience, Andrew Rhys Evans Optometrists have been providing service to their rural community in Wiltshire since 1988. Based at the end of Crickdale High Street, this house based practice is a valued addition to the local community, to whom they provide an exceptional clinical optometry service. Speaking to Andrew at Optrafair 2016 we asked him to describe the benefits of using the Acuitas PMS.

"It's just an integral part of functioning in business."

“You’re asking if I would recommend Acuitas to a colleague, I certainly would. Your backup, continuity of care is excellent. I can always get to speak to somebody when I need to, and it works very well. I’m very pleased with it; I have been with you for many years and hopefully many years to come.

So what benefits do I get from Acuitas? It enables the practice to work; it’s an integral part like the lighting, and having a tonometer, and a set of spectacle lenses. It’s just an integral part of functioning in business.
We are starting to use clinical records, it’s early days, and there’s a few bits and pieces that we need to smooth out before being able to use more of the clinical records system. The objective was to only have to write the prescription out once and we haven’t achieved that yet, but it’s coming and that will be good.” 

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