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Bytesize Library - Series of Ocuco's Digital Marketing Tutorials

Whatch our series of webinars to learn how to improve your online presence

At Ocuco we want to provide you with tools and resources that will not only help your practice navigate the Coronavirus period but also ensure that you are best placed to meet your evolving patients’ needs.

Our team of experts have created a series of digital marketing tutorials, designed to improve your online presence and tap into new opportunities to recapture revenue and remain resilient.

Presented by: Nathan Potts

Module 1: Local SEO & Google My Business

Why watch this module? Discover how to use “Google My Business” more effectively. Harness its power to help you become more visible to Google searches. Learn how to promote your practice and take advantage of local SEO with our first BYTESIZE module.


Presented by: Aasni Shah

Module 2: Social Media

Find inspiration in your practice and see what types of posts work best. Join this BYTESIZE module and let our social media expert provide tailored guidance and advice for your practice.


Presented by: Paul Clare

Module 3: eCommerce Solutions

Learn how to open an online revenue stream and stay ahead of the curve without making any changes to your website. The Rapid Response eCommerce platform is a simple and elegant, plug and play solution that can help you enhance your online customer experience.



Presented by: Liadain Murphy

Module 4:Virtual Consultant

As instore capacity reduces due to social distancing measures, virtual consultations provide the opportunity to see patients from any location at any time. Increase your appointment availability and allow your business to recapture revenue online through lens upselling and 2nd pair sales.


Presented by: Nathan Potts

Module 5: Virtual Try-On

Learn how to use augmented reality to allow patients to realistically try on frames virtually using the camera on their device. Make a patient’s journey more efficient by driving them to choose frames before their appointment and boost your sales as patients browse longer on your website.


Presented by: Chris Mantle

Module 6: Blogs

What do people look at before they buy or book an appointment with you? Participate in this final module and find out what touchpoints you need to keep in mind in order to positively influence potential customers.


"Really surprised at how useful a short webinar will be to me. Thanks for putting on these webinars"

Ann Morgan, Ann Morgan Opticians