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Evidence-Based Myopia Management – Clinical Implications of the New Standard of Care

Date: September 2, 2021    Time:  5 pm BST

Presented by: Professor James Loughman, Head of the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI) and Ocuco’s Clinical Research Director

Myopia is thought to be a modifiable risk factor for the development of eye disease and associated vision loss. As a result, alleviating Myopia symptoms with spectacles or contact lenses is no longer considered sufficient. The World Council of Optometry, the European Society of Ophthalmology, and the International Myopia Institute have recently called for an evolution in the standard of care for Myopia management. This clinical lecture will explore what the term “standard of care” actually means and the implications of implementing it for clinical practice.

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Professor James Loughman writes for Ocuco’s blog. Check out his latest article “Managing Myopia: Evolution of a New Standard of Care”.

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Hosted By:

James Loughman

Professor James Loughman  

James Loughman is the Clinical Research Director for Ocuco Ltd. An Optometrist with more than 20 years of clinical, academic, research and management experience, James is also presently the Head of the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI), a research facility based in Technological University Dublin, the same university where he received his PhD in 1997. James oversees a portfolio of research including technology development and big data analytics projects alongside various clinical trials for the control of myopia, glaucoma and other factors impacting eye health.