Ocuco user groups

Master Ocuco software with our online interactive seminars

Learn how to make the most effective use of your software. Ocuco webinars are presented by our expert developers and professional services engineers; the same people responsible for designing, building and delivering the applications that you use every day.

Regular webinars are scheduled every month covering each major application, feature and add-on in Ocuco’s catalogue. Special webinars are also conducted in advance of version upgrades being released, to showcase the latest features and improvements.

Every online seminar provides the attendees with in-depth training on every aspect of the featured module. Active participation is encouraged, and we welcome your inquiries as part of the process. You can avail of support documentation, and watch the recorded sessions again at your leisure.

Take the opportunity to question the professionals behind the products. Discover new functionality and the best practice for your software. Become an expert user and get the most value from Ocuco products for your practice and patients.