WebDiary Licence



£100 /month


£3,000 once off

Quoted price for software only. All software license purchases subject to 15% support fee.

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Convert your web traffic into patient appointments

Web Diary opens up your optical business to customers, empowering them to set their appointments anywhere, anytime and from any device (PC, tablet or mobile). Web Diary can be easily installed on your website, and allows new or returning patients to log in to the service and book available appointment slots, directly to your PMS’ scheduler. The system is completely automated; once the appointment has been confirmed by the practice, Web Diary emails confirmation to the patient and updates their Outlook™ calendar.

Web Diary adjusts to the branding and design of your website, can support multiple languages, and integrates seamlessly with any standalone and enterprise optical businesses. Patients can access their login accounts to view availability; add, check and amend appointments; and select their preferred optometrist.