Read/ Write Equipment Links Subscription

£33.00 / month

Read/ Write Equipment Links

£33 /month

Quoted price for software subscription and support.



£995 once off

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Full integration between your PMS and Hardware’s own proprietary systems.

Many ophthalmic hardware vendors include proprietary record keeping software with their products; fundus cameras, phoropters and autorefractors with their own patient and prescriptive databases, and image archives. Rather than rekeying information multiple times or manually updating images and prescriptions back and forth, Ocuco’s Read-Write equipment link automatically fulfils these processes between platforms.


  • Automatic updating of patient details, i.e. address changes, marital status, etc.
  • Transmit Rx information from new and previous visits
  • Import and Export Images


The expenditure of time and staff resources is significantly decreased as this add on can maintain records on both the PMS and linked devices. The incidence of errors due to human error is dramatically lowered. And as your eye-care professionals are not simultaneously updating multiple sets of records with the same information, appointments can be completed more quickly and more can be seen.