Read-Only Equipment Links Licence


Read-Only Equipment Links

£12 /month


£350 once off

Quoted price for software only. All software license purchases subject to 15% support fee.

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Integrate your optical equipment for a more efficient and secure optical business.

Ocuco provides an extensive array of links for autorefractors, non-mydriatic cameras, keratometers, refractometers, tonometers, and various other equipment, supporting every major vendor. Integrating your practice equipment improves the efficiency of your optical business; centralising all of your patient data into your PMS rather than maintaining multiple patient records across your equipment’s proprietary software.

The speed of appointments increases as you can access every part of the patient journey from a single interface, improving the experience for the patient, freeing up time to field more appointments, and alleviating pressure on you and your staff. The fidelity of your patient records is assured, as the possibility of errors incurred through maintaining multiple records for the same patients is eliminated. Linked equipment data is secured through your PMS’s same encryption protocols, backups and the database audit trail, in compliance with medicolegal regulations.

Equipment links enable your optical business to run more smoothly and ensure that all of your optical equipment generated patient data is accurate and secure. Find your supported equipment below.