Payments and Supply Manager Licence


Payments and Supply Manager

£50 /month

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

£1,500 once off

Quoted price for software subscription and support.



The Payment and Supply Manager (PaSM) module integrates every aspect of your direct debit and standing order business into one comprehensive package.

  • The software supports multiple BACS (Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services) file formats and facilitates the practice creating custom BACS formats.


  • PaSM effectively manages copious payment collections and includes a rejection management system to help action and resolve outstanding payments.


  • Use multiple views to track individuals or groups of patients due visits or orders, those with outstanding sales or with suspended items, and full payment histories.
  • Dispense Sales are easily transferred from your EPoS till directly into patient mandates; setting up, printing and processing credit sales in moments.


  • Sales can also be created directly from patient mandates, including full end-to-end validated contact lens sales with multiple supply options and payment plans.


  • All transactions are available in the PMS’ own accounts module and can be viewed in reports or exported to third-party accounting software.


  • Mandates automatically track each patient’s regular payments, orders, supply and any arrears.

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