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Commissions Module

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Enthusiasm is contagious, galvanise your staff into delighting your customers and driving your revenue.

The Commissions add-on provides your optical business with a powerful tool to increase your sales revenue by incentivising your staff who will be personally invested in the success of your practice. You will see an increase in conventional turnover and the upselling of products, especially in traditionally slow trading periods.

This highly adaptive application can be configured to run various commissions simultaneously, continuously or between date ranges, and between days of the week. Commissions can be attached to various services, products and conditions, defined by the management. For example, you can set a commission to apply to designer frames, by patient demographics, visit motivations, or to apply when promotions or packs are chosen. These commissions can be applied at every stage of the patient journey, from the appointment booking to payment at the till. For each of these stages you determine which participating staff member, by type, will receive what portion of the commission; be that a fixed value or a percentage of the sale. The diffusion of commissions can also be set to include a previous encounter rule, where the last examining OD can be rewarded for encouraging a sale after their date of examination.

The Commissions add-on provides comprehensive reports that break down the commissions rewarded by its name, the date, staff members, products and patients. This allows you to monitor and measure the performance of your staff and business, and the effectiveness of each commission, and these reports can be exported in a spreadsheet format for further business analysis. The module also includes an override function allowing for ad-hoc amendments to be made to commission values and recipients.