Cloud Image Replication and Archiving Licence


Cloud Image Replication and Archiving

£100 /month


£3,000 once off

Quoted price for software only. All software license purchases subject to 15% support fee.

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Safe and effective cloud storage for your ever amassing image data.

The CIRA Image Archiving add-on dramatically reduces your storage requirements, improves the performance of your PMS, and gives you peace of mind that your image data is backed up and secure. Designed for customers with large image databases, CIRA automatically transfers the bulk of your image data to the cloud, retrieving images for patients the day before scheduled appointments. The reduction in disk space and processing power required to store and back up large volumes of image data will ease your hardware maintenance burden and free up your server, improving the performance of your applications.

The cloud archived image data stored on Amazon servers is encrypted and remains encrypted while being uploaded and downloaded to and from the customer’s database. The archive automatically retrieves and backs up the image data, resulting in no disruption to the customer. Combining the CIRA Image Archiving add-on with Ocuco’s Online Backup service will provide you with the most comprehensive, secure and cost-effective data protection solution.

Price is per practice.