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Tailor-make it to suit my practice

Pat O’donoghue

The O’Donoghues have been providing eye-care in County Kerry since the early 1960’s, with three generations of qualified optometrists operating out of their Killarney practice. In 1973 Pat O’Donoghue took over the family business and has been instrumental in making the practice an integral part of the local community, as well as becoming one of the country’s leading optometrists.

We met Pat at Optrafair 2015 and asked him to describe his experience using Acuitas for more than a decade.

Make it work to my advantage and to my patients' advantage.

“What I like most about working with Ocuco software is the configurability of the software. How it, I can, they’ll make it to suit my practice. To make it work to my advantage and to my patients’ advantage.

What did I find as the result of buying Acuitas? Immediately we were able to get a very good handle on the business. We had our facts right up to date and it was very easy to kind of forward and to analyse all aspects of the business.

I’d certainly recommending Acuitas to my best friend, I certainly would. It’s been very reliable and support is excellent also. We know they’re there for the long journey and they’ll always be there to support us.”

Experience a paperless practice