Prof. James Loughman, Clinical Research Director

James Loughman is the Clinical Research Director for Ocuco Ltd. An Optometrist with more than 18 years of clinical, academic, research and management experience, James recently joined Ocuco as Clinical Research Director. James is also presently the Director of NoVisio, a research lab based in the Dublin Institute of Technology, the same university where he received his PhD in 1997; James sits as the Director and National Chair of Optometry Giving Sight, an Irish-registered charity he established for the prevention of blindness in the developing world.

James has previously held the position of Director and Principal Investigator for the Mozambique Eyecare Project and Resources for Eye Health, which spans 11 African countries. He has published over 50 scientific articles in leading peer reviewed journals, more than 100 peer reviewed presentations and posters, and numerous scientific letters and commissioned articles.