Harness your lab’s full potential

Experience the complete lab management system unifying all core business and production processes

Centralising control over every aspect of optical lab management, as illustrated below, Innovations is the creation of leading lab professionals; a team of 45 optical lab experts including master opticians, machine vendors, freeform lab owners and managers. This team, with nearly 1000 years of combined lab management experience, worked with the largest development team in global optics to design the most comprehensive lab management system in the Industry.

2500 sites, local support globally

Innovations is the world’s most popular LMS, installed in more than 2500 sites across 70 countries. The same optical lab experts that designed it, continuously develop the software, and are strategically placed around the world to provide technical support in multiple languages.

Innovations Lab Management software

Customizable and scalable

Extremely versatile and adaptable to any lab configuration, Innovations can be installed on one PC or multiple workstations, and integrated with all OMA compatible equipment. From the smallest edging / glazing lab to the largest freeform wholesaler, Innovations is scalable with no upper limit to order production capacity, perfect for any expanding optical lab.


Innovations Windows based interface is familiar and easy to use. The software can be installed on any standard Microsoft OS PC or workstation and requires no additional hardware investment. The LMS’ various features reduce user workload by administrating the majority of lab production and business processes.

Innovations Software