Haig-Brown Opticians

Electronically store and cross-reference fundus photographs

Nicola Haig-Brown

The Haig-Brown family have been providing healthcare services from Fair Oak house in Esher since 1945. In 1989 Gillian Haig-Brown established “Haig-Brown Optometry”, and her daughter Nicola joined the practice in 2004. Haig-Brown Optometry have provided comprehensive eye-care service to their community for nearly three decades, and have been using Acuitas for almost as long.

We caught up with Nicola at Optrafair 2014, and asked her to share her experiences using Acuitas over the past 20 years.

Having these fundus photographs at our fingertips is absolutely invaluable.

“I’m Nicola Haig-Brown, I have an Independent practice in Esher. We have two consulting rooms and three optometrists, we’re running two clinics per day, and we’re doing a lot of clinical tests; lots of fundus photography, lots of OCT technology. And we use our Acuitas software in order to store our fundus photographs.

We’ve been using Acuitas for probably, nearly, is it coming up? 20 years. We chose Acuitas initially because it would allow us to store fundus photographs in our computer program and allow us to look at them, and bring them up, and cross reference them. So we can now look at photographs that we’ve had for patients going back fifteen years, and it’s extremely useful technology.

We’re just about to have our next upgrade, so we’re looking forward to using that version. I think having these fundus photographs at our fingertips, and allowing us to look at them with our patients, in our chair, and look at them together, and show them the progression of certain conditions, or show them that they are still as healthy as they were fifteen years ago, has been absolutely invaluable.

We can now send efficient email reminders, we’re going to have the text message facility, which we think will be excellent. We have a way of tracking our reminders so that we make sure that they are getting the communication that we want them to. It’s all very very [sic] useful. I would recommend Acuitas, and I would certainly recommend Ocuco as a partner.”

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