PEACE OF MIND with ocuco compliant solutions


UPGRADE COMPLIANCE and ease the burden of GDPR

Enhancements to current compliance


Ocuco offers both on-premise and hosted implementations.

Hosting offers an extra layer of security and also means that a backup is not required on-premise as it is carried out at the data centre.

Fees depend on the number of users so please email for more information.


Database Encryption

Ocuco can also offer database encryption that further enhances compliance.

Fees depend on the size of the database and if there are images, scans, etc. so please email for more information.

Online BackUp

Ocuco can offer on-premise customers an offsite backup option which also validates restoration.


Why wait until disaster strikes to find out the backup is not going to give back the data. To purchase Online BackUp click here.

Marketing Opt-In Flag Reset

Your practice management software may have a flag for marketing which could be set to default on or off. Some users may have set this to ‘On’ by default. GDPR requires that this defaults to ‘Off’. Should you wish Ocuco to reset all patient’s marketing flags to ‘Off’, please email


For further information or if you have any questions…