Leverage technology to accurately measure the necessary facial and frame parameters to fit a pair of ophthalmic lenses to a spectacle frame.

Work safely during a time when social distancing is required.

Frame Fit is now part of the Acuitas iPad app – to power your practice into the ‘new normal.’

The Acuitas iPad app transfers all data seamlessly to the dispense in Acuitas, eradicating the need for rekeying to reduce risk of human error.

The Acuitas iPad App now Includes Frame Fit!


Ocuco’s iPad App engages your patients from the moment they enter your practice and throughout their patient journey. Boasting a seamless workflow, it supports your staff and frees them from working behind static PC or laptop workstations.


· Check-in for appointment

· Dispensing spectacles

· Taking payments

· Logging collection

· NEW includes Frame Fit

Frame Fit provides accurate measurement of:


· Monocular pupillary distances

· Vertical OCs

· Lens diameters

· Back Vertex Distance (BVD)

· Progression corridor length for progressive lenses

· Box width (A)

· Frame DBL

· Box height (B)

· Base curve

· Pantoscopic angle

· Bow angle

Differentiate your patient experience and empower your staff.

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