Why upgrade

Technology is constantly moving forward, enabling the creation of better products and allowing service providers and businesses to stay ahead. Focus 2 architecture offers enhanced functionality, medicolegal-grade data security and expert-support, and brings the independent optical practice up to date.

Focus 2 allows users of older versions to maintain their accustomed processes on a newer and better system that is fully supported and up-to-date with industry standards and requirements.

Focus 2 PMS has retained much of the aesthetic of the original, in order to facilitate the user with a familiar environment. To see how much more Focus 2 can do over its predecessor, contact us.
  • Enhanced Diary Functionality and improved appointment visibility
  • Web Diary, online appointment scheduling
  • Opti-commerce, e-commerce capability
  • Greatly improved till functionality
  • An intuitive and comprehensive interface
  • Fully integrated clinical records and imaging, directly from the PMS
  • Superior marketing and recall effectiveness
  • An advanced Direct Debit module
  • Multiple hosting options, including SaaS
  • Medicolegal grade data integrity and security

Focus 2 is only available to Focus customers. Speak to one of our representatives today for more information and to arrange a demonstration.