Cottam and Glaister Optometrists

A logical progression to Focus 2

Ceri Smith Jaynes

Cottam and Glaister Optometrists is an independent practice which has been trusted with the eye care of St Anne’s since the 1920s.


The practice has advanced greatly during that time, always staying ahead of the curve with technology and style. However, their focus has consistently remained on keeping people’s eyes healthy and ensuring they feel great in their eyewear. This approach has gained the practice a loyal clientele.

Ceri qualified in 2000 and has worked in Cottam and Glaister for 8 years. Ceri is an independent prescriber, meaning she can prescribe treatment for eye diseases and infections.

A software management system that moves with the times

“We chose Focus because we historically used the original Focus programme as our Practice Management Software. And so, it seemed a logical progression to move into Focus 2. We wanted something where it was fairly intuitive to use, but we also didn’t need to train our staff an awful lot to move from Focus 1 to Focus 2, although there were significant changes.

One of the things I like is that they do upgrade the software when something changes. So, for example, last year, we had the GDPR regulations. We were all panicking about what on earth that means and what we are going to do. Then we find that Ocuco sends us a module and it is upgrading the software automatically. And now we know what to do about that.


It’s quite nice to have a software management system that moves with the times.”

Experience a paperless practice