Park Vision Optometrists

It’s brilliant.

Camilla Anderson

Park Vision is a boutique style optometrist clinic, specialising in children’s vision, sports vision, and designer frames and sunglasses. The award winning practice has built a reputation on providing thorough and professional service, maintained in a friendly atmosphere dedicated to their community and regularly involved with local charity events.

We met Park Vision Practice Manager Camille Anderson at Optrafair 2016, where she described her experience using see2020.

A couple of clicks and I've got all of the details... brilliant!

“I’ve been using see2020 at the practice for about 6 years now. I had high expectations of see2020 and it has lived up to them, it’s brilliant. Excellent customer service from see2020, always got James or Bridget on the other end of the phone, and they’re always happy to help. James came and spent a good day with me, showing me all the different aspects of see2020 and it helped a lot with the accounts side of the business; a series of just a couple of clicks and I’ve got all of the details, all of our sales, takings, VAT margins, brilliant. I’d definitely recommend see2020 to friends and colleagues.”

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