Give your customers the omnichannel experience they demand

The premier Practice Management System for optical retail stores.

Optimises practice workflows, reduces costs, saves time and increases revenue.


An off-the-shelf enterprise system suitable for any size optical retail store chain. Deployed through centralised or distributed configurations; able to connect thousands of practices across multiple countries, with secure medicolegal data protection.

A New Approach

Cost-efficient enterprise software solution, without the risk inherent with in-house system builds. Lead by a team of eye-care professionals, computer scientists and engineers, with hundreds of years’ optical software industry experience.

Omnichannel Solutions

A range of in-store and online optical chain software integrations providing a consistent and uniform patient experience organisation wide. Including, cross practice records, point of sale, digital store fronts, and online appointment scheduling.

Operations Team

An international team of expert developers and operations engineers, delivering software, training and support tailored to each customer, worldwide. Well-versed in each region’s different eye-care patient management protocols, legislation, language, fiscal policies, and local market requirements.


Powerful optical chain software, providing full visibility and control over all practices. Configurable work-flows driving group-wide SOPs; real-time KPI reporting across the group; and direct PoS access with clear audit trail.


The only optical chain software designed to support multiple country requirements with one software. Available in several languages and compliant with various currency, taxation and healthcare models, practices, and legislation.

Increase Sales

An integrated optometrists retail software delivering the most effective patient journey process; this results in more appointment availability in each practice, greatly improved conversion rates, and higher dispense values.


Acuitas’ advanced level of integration with ERP, supply chain and ophthalmic instruments, optimise business and clinical processes across optical retail stores. Reducing administration costs, excess inventory, and rekeying errors that lead to remakes and insurance rejections.

Business Intelligence

Real-time business analysis collated from all optical retail software data. Logix BI provides what-if analysis across pre-set and custom blocks; brand performance, recall performance, diary analysis, and any other set of optical business metrics.

Enhance your patients’ experience, empower staff and grow your practice

Imagine every practice in your group uniformly ordered. Staff freed from administration to focus on customers. Centrally controlled efficiency running through your entire optical retail chain.

Optimised workflow

Acuitas Enterprise has been designed so that every store within an optical retail chain performs to its full potential, while maintaining uniform operations defined by the group’s management. Patients and staff will experience no difference between the processes administrated by the Acuitas Practice Management system from one branch to another, defined at the retail chain’s head office / central location.

Dispensing Optician
Acuitas screen

Fully integrated and paperless

The individual practices send business statistics, patient scheduling and medical records, turnover, and stock data to the head office / central location continually, providing management with a real time view of each practice individually and the business as a whole. The head office / central location cascades information down, updating each practice according to the directives of the executive management, and maintaining concurrent uniformity of processes and aesthetics between all locations. As every practice’s data is stored in the head office / central location database as well as on site, Enterprise customers are provided with a centralised backup. Combined with external and online backup services, Enterprise customers are assured of the highest standards of data security and fidelity.

Less administration, more appointments

Acuitas Enterprise can also be integrated, or interfaced, with third party head office systems such as SAP, ERP, Data Warehouses (EDW), and even some Data Mining tools; allowing these applications to send and receive information between the practices and head office / central location through the Enterprise system.

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