Developing Relationships, Building Trust, Perfecting the PMS

Brendan Foley

Foley Opticians

Brendan was one of the first users of Acuitas and describes how his PMS has enhanced the experience of his patients.

David Burghardt

David Burghardt Vision Care

David talks about the new features that allow customers and staff to access practice services and facilities anytime and anywhere.

David Hantman

D & H Hantman Opticians

David talks about how the Acuitas has streamlined his practice function with every part of the patient journey facilitated by the PMS.

Garry Kousoulou

Goodlooking Optics

Garry describes the benefits he’s observed to his practice, one year after installing the Acuitas PMS.

Pat O’Donoghue

Urban Optics

Pat talks about the configurability of Acuitas and how he was able to quickly implement and tailor-make it to his business’ advantage.

Andrew Rhys Evans

Andrew Rhys Evans Optometrists

Andrew talks about Acuitas being an integral part that enables his practice to work.

Garrey Haase

Yorkshire Eyewear

Garrey discusses several advantages in Acuitas that made Yorkshire Eyewear’s practices more efficient, such as inventory control and linkage to the ordering system.

Nicola Haig-Brown

Haig-Brown Opticians

Nicola tells us why she has been using Ocuco software for 20 years, describing the benefits to her patients and practice, and why she intends to continue using Acuitas.

Elaine O’Sullivan

Optique Opticians

Elaine describes how Acuitas’ integrated equipment links and communication system are invaluable to her practice.

Nishi Maini

Coulsdon Opticians

“We’ve been using Acuitas now for about 8 years… the records, all our support practices are accessible from any practice and from home. We can access the diary and patient records from wherever we are.”