Mobile Records Subscription

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Everything you need for complete domiciliary service.

The Mobile Records add-on provides a fully portable version of your complete Practice Management System to facilitate your domiciliary appointments. The add-on maintains an identical copy of your database on a laptop. This laptop can be used as a normal client machine when in the practice and whenever you need to work offsite, the laptop can be disconnected and taken to patient residences, nursing homes or care centres, and provide you with the same functionality as any practice machine with access to your patients’ records, images and history. As you have control of the full PMS while offsite the Mobile Records add-on supports Sales, Ophthalmologist, Dispensing Optician, Delivery and Fitting visits.

The system will support any equipment links installed on the laptop onsite or offsite, as well as any other add-ons and features available in the practice. Once you have completed your domiciliary appointments the laptop can be returned to the practice, where it will sync with the main database and update all the changes to patient records and additions that were made. This includes any sales, orders and benefits that were applied, which will be populated in your practice PMS.