Logix Pro Report Pack – Exam Analysis & Forecasting

Logix Pro Report Pack – Exam Analysis & Forecasting

Stay ahead of the curve.

Be prepared, optimise staff and time resources, and offer the best service to your patients.

Report set 1: Timekeeping Analysis

Monitor your Optometrists’ time management to ensure the best service for your business and customers, without putting undue pressure on staff. Review averages for patient journey times and increase or decrease appointment lengths accordingly. Effective management of appointment slot durations will ensure that appointments do not run over, increasing waiting times that worsen for each subsequent patient; and alleviate heavy workloads from your staff as they fall behind. Conversely, shortening appointment lengths where the reports indicate periods of inactivity between patients.

Report set 2: Exam Forecast

Effectively plan your staff coverage year round without being under or overstaffed on any day. This report set analyses past appointment records against recalls and average response times, to forecast busy and quiet periods in your practice; with increasing accuracy the more that it is used. This allows you to assess and plan staff and optometrist cover; planning holidays, running mailshots and stocktakes, without any drop in performance for your business or customers.

Requires Logix Professional edition.

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