Audiology License

Open a whole new revenue stream with one strategic investment. Provide great hearing care using the same system with which you provide optical care.

Introducing a hearing aid business into your practice can be a natural progression for increasing your revenue, by taking full advantage of your existing resources and customer base. The Audiology add-on integrates with your extant PMS, sharing the same patient records, examinations, prescriptions, recall reminder setups and financial records. In the UK 1 in 6 people have a potential hearing problem; this rises to 40% for people over 50 and 70% for people over 70. A hearing care service attracts customers looking for the superior technology and aftercare service offered by a private practitioner. Many of your existing patients would benefit from this service also; as hearing degenerates with age, like eyesight, you can offer a lifelong comprehensive eye and ear care service to your customers.