At Ocuco we want to provide you with tools and resources that will not only help your practice navigate the Coronavirus period but also ensure that you are best placed to meet your patients’ needs after COVID-19. Our team of experts have created a series of digital marketing tutorials, designed to improve your online presence and tap into new opportunities to recapture revenue.


WEBSITES: What has COVID-19 taught us about an omnichannel approach?

With Richard Bentley

Why watch this tutorial

Understand how lockdown has changed search trends for relevant optical keywords. Review the key elements to optimise your website for search engines and ultimately transform visits into customers.

Discover how a Rapid Response eCommerce Platform can help your practice recapture revenue online. Get started in just 2 weeks!

Why watch this tutorial

Use your optical subject matter expertise to write functional, performance blogs. Provoke your customers to ask the questions you want them to ask and be found more effectively on search engines.

Why not sign up for a complimentary Communications Clinic? Our team will give you personalised recommendations, to take your content to the next level! 

WEBSITES: How to use blogging to help your website rank higher

With Chris Mantle

WEBSITES: Stimulate local SEO and become more visible to Google searches

With Nathan Potts

Why watch this tutorial

Use ‘Google My Business’ more effectively. Harness its power to help you become more visible to Google searches. Learn how to promote your practice and take advantage of local SEO.

Let our team help! Take part in our Communications Clinic. Your current use of SEO will be assessed and you’ll receive recommendations for optimising your online presence for search engines.

Why watch this tutorial

What will the “new normal” day look like in your practice?

We explain how you can take advantage of online solutions to help improve touchpoints in the new customer journey.

Find out more about our online solutions, tailored for the optical industry, including our eCommerce and Telehealth platforms.

WEBSITES: Practice Recovery – Online Solutions

With Nathan Potts

BOOST YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE: What social media posts work best & how to write a content planner

With Aashni Shah

Why watch this tutorial

There is no silver bullet when it comes to posting on social media. Find inspiration in your practice and see what types of posts work best.

Let our social media experts provide tailored guidance and advice for your practice. Join our Communications Clinic to get started!

Book a consultation and get a content calendar for free!

Why watch this tutorial

What do people look at before they buy or book an appointment with you? Watch this tutorial and find out what touchpoints you need to keep in mind in order to positively influence potential customers.

Have you considered the online customer journey for your practice? Let our Digital Marketing experts assess your online presence and provide recommendations that can be implemented immediately! 

BOOST YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE: The online customer journey, how to maximise your practice visibility & engagement post COVID-19

With Chris Mantle



Digital Marketing Executive

Before joining the team, Aashni worked for 4 years at an independent optician doing all in-house marketing. She is our guru in all things Social Media.

Digital Development Manager

Nathan previously worked at Google, where he was supporting Ocuco’s client digital marketing departments. Now, he is increasing online visibility for independent optical practices at Ocuco.

Business Development Manager

Richard has been in his role for the past 5 years, working with clients to embrace the online opportunities available. Previously, he worked for the Sight Care Group for 10 years.

Digital Marketing Manager

Also, a Google Alumnus, Chris oversees our team of experts and his goal is to bring web success stories to the Optical Industry.