Planogram allows your business to leverage product data to drive product plans, improve visual merchandising, monitor compliance and reduce manual reporting.

Replacing manual processes with a systematic approach will improve the overall product planning, visibility of product/brand performance and drive better outcomes for your Optical retail business.



Simplify optical merchandising with Planogram, designed specifically with optical retail stores in mind. Automate optical merchandising with features such as the product scheduler and automated sorting.


Create a representation of anything that carries product. There are several pre-set style types, including cabinets, cubbies, standard boards, shelves and rotary units. Planogram allows customization of furniture by blanking out slots, assigning mirrors and adding signage.


The Planogram product scheduler manages individual and rebrand updates. Individual updates are based on the removal and replacement of outgoing product, while a rebrand provides the ability to replace a full board of product at once.


Product can be automatically assigned to slots using an algorithm, designed to prioritize products by pre-set attributes. The replacement of product to boards becomes automated and reduces the need for manual sorting.


Leverage product data to ensure efficient management of product. Manage product across locations using pre-set attributes which can be customized depending on business needs.


Conveniently add practices or locations to pre set merchandising groups, allowing micro-control of product availability. This can be used to ensure the right products are available in the right locations, where they are most likely to perform.


Use pre-set filters to generate product collections by manufacturer, brand, product type and many more. This allows the grouping of products together for simplified product updates and management.


A product lookup, that allows users to view all product carried by the business, including details such as product features and where this product is currently being stocked.


Real-time status updates: Both location product managers and merchandising administrators can remain updated on performance across several key areas while reducing time spent on manual reporting. There are several exportable reports available including:


The performance reports leverage the sales data of products in the retail system to generate insightful reporting into key metrics. This includes KPI’s such as profit per slot, gross profit margins, and sales metrics. The reports are designed to display data by UPC, collection, or by board and can be shown by location or region.


The product reports are designed to provide insights into product availability and viability. These reports can be used to identify where products need to be replaced or backfilled, to ensure optimum product health at each location.


Identify where inventory availability and management, are impacting product performance. Delve into metrics such as unplanned, missing or mismanaged products, to identify where locations may require product replacement or removal. Keep track of compliance using simple scoring and trends on the Planogram and dashboards.

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