The optical Customer journey has changed!

of customers expect consistent interactions across all channels (1)

Is the average rate of customer retention when a company has omnichannel engagement strategies (2)

of shoppers want to use augmented reality to see product differences, such as a change of color or style (3)

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation within the Optical industry at an unprecedented rate.

Provide an unparalleled eyecare experience for your patients by integrating digital touchpoints with your traditional brick-and-mortar model. Delivering an eyecare experience that leverages technology to offer both flexibility and consistency has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a necessity.


Ocuco have been delivering Optical OmniChannel solutions for over 10 years, specifically tailored to match business requirements and patient needs.


OmniChannel Solutions


Online searches for “Eye Doctors near me” saw a 5000%+ increase in 2020 (4)

Our Google Certified team are specialized in delivering online optical leads. Our prescribed marketing mix delivers volume across multiple channels to cut through the digital noise, driving results and generating demand online amongst your patients.


90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels (1)

Let your website become a 24/7 representative of your brand. Our secure and fast-loading sites are optimized for mobile and tailored to your brand. Include touchpoints such as an integrated WebDiary to optimize efficiency and generate revenue outside of business hours.

24/7 Web Booking

70% of customers would rather book an appointment online (5)

Offer a convenient booking channel to capture the increasing number of patients that are going online. Tailor appointment types and select what information is required for booking. Retain full control and visibility of online and in-store bookings centrally.

Virtual Try-On

94% of consumers consider VTO as a useful tool in their buying process (6)

Differentiate your website by enabling your patients to try-on frames virtually using augmented reality on their own devices. Bring your frames to life and allow patients to wishlist and select frames for online purchase or in advance of an eyecare appointment.


Only 3 out of 10 online shoppers’ checkout (7)

Offer patients a seamless purchase experience with a tailored eCommerce solution designed to convert patients, both new and existing. Showcase your product range with our automatically updated frame catalogs and integrate with multiple payment gateways to offer flexible purchasing options.

Virtual Consult

Over 32% of patients surveyed in 2020 stated that they wanted their eye doctor offering virtual vision care (8)

Bring your in-store level of customer service online, by providing face to face virtual eyecare consultations to assess symptoms and offer actionable advice on treatments. Remotely guide patients through your product range, helping them to virtually try-on frames and process sales in real-time.


53% of shoppers said they plan to shop at stores that offer contactless experiences (9)

Satisfy the modern optical patient with an interactive EyeStop Kiosk. Allow patients to virtually try-on and purchase sunglasses, reading glasses and contact lenses which can be dispensed directly or shipped from a self-service kiosk in-store.

Tailor your patient journey and benefit from increased revenue. Get in contact today!

Meet the OmniChannel Division

Ocuco’s OmniChannel department has several global bases including; North America, Europe and South Asia. The team deliver online, eCommerce, virtual consult, virtual try-on and digital marketing products and services to the Optics market specifically. 


OmniChannel Director

Andy is a SaaS product specialist. He brings over 30 years of IT experience, 15 of which have been spent delivering solutions to the Optical industry. He has led Ocuco’s OmniChannel division since 2012 and it has been the fastest growing internal department, consistently.

Chief Revenue Officer

Dermot Walsh is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for Ocuco Ltd. Having been recognized for his innate capacity for understanding enterprise customer needs. With over 15 years of experience in the Optics industry, Dermot is uniquely placed to recommend tailored software and eCommerce solutions. 


OptiCommerce Director

Paul founded the OptiCommerce brand, which was acquired in 2017 by Ocuco. He oversees a team of 6 sales regional managers globally and his main responsibilities are understanding market needs and translating those needs to the development team.  


Project Development Manager

Alessandro has been with Ocuco for over 10 years. He currently oversees a team of 15 developers, located in several of Ocuco’s global offices. His expertise lies in OmniChannel product development and innovation, understanding fundamental user behavior and monitoring project risks, scope and budgets. 


Project Implementation Manager

Oversees an eCommerce implementation team of 25 developers, located in several of Ocuco’s global offices. Joe started his career as a Dispensing Optician, and this gives him a great advantage in his current role. His focus is to understand the optical patients’ digital behavior and to deliver eCommerce solutions and websites that exceed the needs of customers. 


Digital Marketing Manager

Before Chris joined Ocuco he used to run his own Marketing agency and worked for Google for a period.  He currently oversees a team of 5 marketing specialists. His strengths lie in understanding the digital behaviors of optical patients and building digital campaigns that drive new customers to optical websites or stores. 


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