Ocuco Education at Optrafair 2017

The CET presentations have long been a staple at Optrafair, providing optical professionals with many opportunities to meet their quota of CET points and keep up to date with clinical advancements and trending business strategies.

Saturday, April 1st @ 14:15 – The Myopia Boom by Prof. James Loughman, PhD FAOI

This year, Ocuco’s Clinical and Research Director, Prof. James Loughman will be making his first appearance on the CET Theatre stage, presenting The Myopia Boom: Public health concerns and future management strategies.

“An estimated 5 billion people will be myopic by 2050, with more than 1 billion people at significant risk of blindness. As primary eye care practitioners, we can stem the rising tide of myopia, but only in the context of clinical practice reform in how we approach and treat the condition. I am delighted that Ocuco and Optrafair have provided a platform for us to share our research and experience on this crucial issue.” – Prof. James Loughman

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Sunday, April 2nd @ 13:15 – The OmniChannel Challenge by Paul Clare, OptiCommerce

In addition to the CET education programme, Optrafair will be premiering their Business Theatre seminars. On behalf of Ocuco, Paul Clare, Co-Founder & Director of OptiCommerce, will be presenting Could online retailing be the game-changer that you can’t afford to ignore? In this 30-minute lecture, Paul will be simplifying the steps independent opticians can take towards their omnichannel vision.

“An excellent opportunity to show practice stakeholders how omnichannel helps not only the business side of an optical practice but also the clinical side, and the impact on patients.” – Paul Clare

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If these topics are of interest to you and you would like to find out more, both James and Paul will be available at stand F-50 throughout the Optrafair weekend, along with the rest of the Ocuco team.

Prof. James Loughman