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Presented by: Tania Constable, Paediatric Specialist Optometrist

Talking Unicorns: Why paediatric eyecare is not that scary

Paediatric optometry can be intimidating for some practitioners. Watch this webinar and get the right tools to facilitate the management of eyecare during childhood.

Tania discusses age-appropriate vision tests, age norms for both refractive error and vision, amblyopia management and the benefits of contact lens fitting for children. Additionally, she shares tips and tricks from years of experience working as a paediatric optometrist.

Tania Constable is a full-time paediatric specialist optometrist, working in both a primary and secondary care setting in Dublin.

Tania holds certificates in Paediatric Eyecare, Glaucoma and Medical Retina from the College of Optometrists. She has experience working with children with additional needs such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Down’s Syndrome and raising awareness of the difficulties associated with cerebral visual impairment.

Currently, Tania is undertaking an MSc in Clinical Optometry in Cardiff University, developing a research project that examines the assessment of visual function in non-verbal children with additional needs. Previously, Tania worked as a PQE examiner for the Association of Optometrists Ireland.